Our Programs

The kind of programs that young people can experience at Thrive, will be as varied and as interesting as the diverse skillsets that abide in our local community.

That’s the beauty of Thrive and the exciting part of its growth is uncovering the untapped potential of our community and sharing it with passion.


We have a fully fledged recording studio with the opportunity to learn and be mentored by professional musicians. This is something many of us have dreamt of as kids, and now at Thrive we’ve made it a reality.

“Where words fail, music speaks.” ― Hans Christian Andersen

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A café servicing the public, that allows kids to experience working in an active business, from food preparation to point of sale and even the daily workings of the business. This will provide immense value and the kind of on the job training that is unavailable anywhere else.


Using our designated Creative Shed, we will provide guided training in assembling Custom Cars, Hot Rods, Street Cars and even Choppers! Gain a Certificate II and be willing to just ‘give it a go’!

Build Drones, and collaborate with mentors who are eager to provide a fun and educational environment making it easier to secure future employment opportunities.


As Thrive grows, so too will the range of activities and pursuits that we provide to our attendees. It’s scope is really unlimited and driven by the growing variety of people inspired by the opportunity to effect change in their community.


“As a teacher, I see so many hard situations, so many kids that would really shine if only given the chance. That’s what Thrive hopes to achieve.”

Peter Aitken – Thrive Supporter